welcome to my site!!

about me

hi!! i'm bella - thank you for viewing my site! ꒰ ´ ˘ ` ྀ ꒱ this was originally a site just to display commission examples, but i recently wanted to try to learn to make it more 'my own'. i am not very good with web design / coding at all but i am doing my best!

ʚ if interested, click here to learn more about me ɞ
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i no longer use most social media, you can follow me on ko-fi to be updated on commission status!

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bella's corner

hello!!! this is my little corner for things i love

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i love many things !!
all of these bring me comfort in one way or another ♡

music : aurora , ichiko aoba , sleeping at last , phoebe bridgers , madotsuki@ , priscilla ahn

movies : monsters inc , when marnie was there , peter pan , alice in wonderland

anime / manga : barakamon , totsukuni no shoujo , yotsuba , gakuen babysitters , jjba

games : yume nikki , ib , deemo , dream chronicles , rpg maker games

misc : my babydogs , supermega , bruno bucciarati , bunnies , nursery items

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my ocs

these are my characters!!
please visit the amazing artists who did these pieces for me ♡


my main oc ; a little bunny girl who acts younger she really is

art by: @fini_hoover , @strawbunimilk


a sleepy girl who lives through her dreams and storybooks

art by: @luupon , @pumpkinknives


mimi's caretaker ; he doesn't care for much except her

art by: @sheepiu , @zig_r14

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my comfort characters !

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these are characters i identify with

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full-color bust of 1 chara
simple background included

baby bean

cleaned, full-color sketch of 1 chara
simple background included

sketchie page

1 character sketch page
includes: 1 thigh-up, 1 bust, 2 mini-chibi
base color only
+15USD for shaded color = 100USD


full-color art of 1-2 charas
background included
complexity subject to more $

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notice !! if you contact me for a commission & then disappear, you forfeit your spot. this is very frustrating. i will not wait for you to contact me again, i will move on to my next spot.


order commission through "order form" below

include all important information for your commission

i'll add you to my trello queue so you can keep track of my progress on your piece

i will send you wips as i go along!

you recieve transparent & background versions


NO nsfw, gore, furry, mecha

i will reject anything i'm uncomfy with (i.e., you have a nsfw acc)

you can use piece however you'd like; credit appreciated!

refunds may only be given if i have not started the piece

my work will never be allowed for AI or NFT use

be patient!! i am busy with school; i will always keep you updated. if you have a deadline, let me know in advance.

let me know if you'd like another type of commission if it isn't listed! i can most likely do it!

please fill this form out to submit a commission request! i will get back to you within 24 hours.

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